what feeds you also kills you iii.
Haru - spring
This’ll always be one of my favorites ^^


The boy I draw when I’m feeling down. NL <3
God’s Dillema?

I oscillate wildly between wanting to create sweet beautiful things that say everything’s going to be okay and covering everyone in sores, cuts and boils…

Tokophobia - the fear of pregnancy (or the bad flowers).
Kathoey i.

C - Moleskine sketch
St Valentine with boils
Doro - mud
I drew this for my wonderful friend Mandartania— this person’s positive attitude and positive art have really inspired me. Thank you, Marzipan!!
This scan is horrible, but I have tried everything and it just won’t look normal… >___<
xxxxem-deactivated20140310: Your artwork is so beautifully done wow... What do you use to make your work? are they digital? Thank you for inspiring me to make more work!

::cries because I inspired someone::Thanks for your sweet message. :3 I can’t seem to ever learn how to use a tablet stylus :« so nothing is digital. I use very mixed media (pen, pencil, ink, colored pencil, water color, white acrylic, coal, oil pastel, coffee, tea… everything but oil paint (too stinky for me.) Any given drawing probably has four/five elements of those in it. I like to use surfaces of stuff I would normally throw away/recycle (cardboard boxes etc.)  or sketchbooks (like Moleskines).

Happy drawing to you <3

'Fuck a pen and paper, I draw my shit with a Oujia board' &gt;_&gt;

Sparkle porn
I made this for my good friend for Christmas; it’s on wood and I stained the background with coffee… coffee and sparkly porn have come together at last. I was so happy ^^
Fisherman&#8217;s Wife III.