Anonymous: Your art is unique. Love them :)

Aw, hey anon <3 ::blush:

I appreciate it.

Infinite Jest&#8230;.
for you &lt;3

Every time I get a new follower on my art blog, I feel so happy <3

Thank you guys ^___^

what feeds you also kills you iii.
Haru - spring
This&#8217;ll always be one of my favorites ^^


The boy I draw when I’m feeling down. NL &lt;3
God’s Dillema?

I oscillate wildly between wanting to create sweet beautiful things that say everything’s going to be okay and covering everyone in sores, cuts and boils…

Tokophobia - the fear of pregnancy (or the bad flowers).
Kathoey i.

C - Moleskine sketch
St Valentine with boils
Doro - mud
I drew this for my wonderful friend Mandartania&#8212; this person&#8217;s positive attitude and positive art have really inspired me. Thank you, Marzipan!!
This scan is horrible, but I have tried everything and it just won&#8217;t look normal&#8230; &gt;___&lt;